Definition of ADHD-ADD

ADHD-ADD definition reflects as a range of difficulty in focusing on any one subject. There
may be hyper focus, which is ADHD that involves switching from subject to subject and ADD,
which involves a lack of focus on any subject. ADHD-ADD often includes a gap in emotional
maturity, albeit each person on the spectrum of ADHD-ADD must defined by their specific
learning issues and level of maturity that may or may not include some or most of the
characteristics of people with ADHD-ADD.

Prognosis for dyslexia and ADHD vary as do many other diagnoses; dyslexia and ADHD-ADD
differ based on their severity, complexity, and level of support in addressing educational
issues that are associated with ADHD-ADD and dyslexia. People who receive tutoring or life
coaching by educators who have specialized training in educating students with related
learning gaps are far more likely to work past their impediments in academics and real world
application of such scholastic material.

People range in severity and issues that are associated with dyslexia and ADHD-ADD; some
struggle to maintain employment in entry level jobs, while others may be the best in the most
competitive work fields.
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