John is a Fairfax County tutor who is
fully licensed to teach in the Fairfax
County public schools; he taught for
one school year in the FCPS and for
the past ten years chose to exclusively
tutor people on a one on basis instead
of being a classroom teacher. Toker
realizes that his strengths developed
from formally being a licensed
psychotherapist combined with his
creativity in fully customizing lessons
are major parts of what equip him to
help students with added learning

While John worked as a teacher in
FCPS, he taught a wide range of
students whom were diagnosed with
autism, asperger's issues, ADHD,
ADD, dyslexia, cerebral palsy,
paralysis, and many other learning and
health issues. Toker created software
for students to change mathematical
angles who were unable to move their
fingers, and donated it to FCPS so that
others may benefit from it.

Parents who are seeking a Fairfax
County tutor who meets all the
requirements to teach in the FCPS
should contact John about tutorial
sessions for their children.