Tutoring via Skype, Facetime or any other form of Internet is often the best medium to receive
tutoring. ADHD ADD, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger, Executive Function Disorder and other learning
issues call for Internet lessons. Students whom receive tutoring on a weekly basis are far more
likely to reach their scholastic goal
s, and build social skills than if they are inconsistent in receiving
tutorial sessions.

Facetime, Skype and other formats that are similar in nature greatly increase the likelihood of this
taking place. Specifically, students may seek to cancel due to extracurricular schedule conflicts, or
are sick, or need to travel with their family can often reschedule. Albeit, if students receiving
tutoring in person need to set up a different time for a tutoring session, it often leaves them without
other times to meet a tutor; this is due tutors' driving time to and from a students home in order to
have a session take place. There are many cases in which I can reschedule a tutorial session if I do
not need an extra hour or more to drive to and from a learner’s home.

Some of my students are online for their tutorials and they site the following reasons for favoring it;
my training, experience and most importantly proven track record in most cases is far superior than
those with less training and experience, which means they get to work with me because of the
Internet when they would be too far away otherwise; they enjoy being able to have more flexibility
on when we meet for session; they do not mind having tutorials provided they can still take trips with
their family. For example, a student of mine wanted to continue tutoring, while visiting relatives on
the West coast. He simply had his lessons with me and still did all the activities with his relatives, so
it was convenient for him. Other students have been sick and would have to cancel not because
they felt too bad to work, rather they did not want me to catch their airborne health issue, which
could include a mild flew.

In my experience, tutorials through Skype, Facetime, and other Internet tutoring technology has
usually proven to be more effective for people receive tutoring. Naturally, exceptions are one
hundred percent when they take place; there certainly are some cases where students need to be
met in person.

ADHD ADD, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger, Executive Function Disorder issues have been effectively
addressed through Skype, Facetime and other formats in my many years as a learning specialist
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