John teaches people
who are diagnosed with
learning disabilities or
have issues with
organization on how to
overcome their
learning blocks or
executive function
challenges; he has over
ten years of proven
track record

He practiced as a
licensed psychotherapist
in Maine and Maryland.

LD Just Means Learn
Differently, is an
acclaimed book written
by John; it will inspire
students, parents and
teachers when facing
learning issues.

LD Just Means Learn
, written by
John Toker, reflects
autism, dyslexia, ADHD,
other learning issues, and
physical obstacles
related to multiple
sclerosis, and cerebral
palsy; cases are based
off his tutor experiences
with students. It includes
characters that are based
off actual tutor cases,
whereby people
surpassed or were
blocked by learning
issues. It’s written like a
novel so as to allow for
confidentiality, and to
focus on the passion that
gets people through the
strains that are
associated with
academics, rather than a
step-by-step teaching
methodology or text
manual for tutors.


"All true teaching is
building skills for
independent thought."

"Among the shattered
glass, there are diamonds
that must be preserved
for those who feel

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Cynthia Brian, co-
author of a NY Times
Best Seller,  
interviewed, tutor,
John,  about his novel,
LD Just Means Learn
Differently, on
World Talk Radio.
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of the interview
John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, M.A.
John, his wife and baby
in the  above picture
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