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8220 Crestwood
Heights Drive
McLean VA 22102

240 506 3673


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I thought you deserved to see this good news! After the countless hours you spent working with Tierney. Thank you! She would not be where she is today without your guidance.
Connie (a mother)
You’ve been a great help to our daughter, showing her how to make the most of her intellect and how to study as well as cope with her issues. You absolutely were everything we hoped you would be when we started with you last year.
(a father)
Hi John, Kenny has made a lot of strides under your leadership and you have personally set him up to be very successful going forward. We really appreciate your hard work with Kenny! Raquel and I both are delighted with the outcome. Again we want to thank you for your hard work. Best Regards, Brian, Raquel and Kenny
I really appreciate everything that you have done for Zach. It is amazing how much Zach has progressed since he started working with you.
Thanks, Rebecca
(a mother)
Hello John, Hope you are well. Connie and I are friends from way back, and we were discussing my daughter Becky, who will be an 8th grader this fall. We need help/support for Becky. Connie thinks...so we are hoping that you can help. Also Mary thinks you're great as well and would be a great help to Becky.
(a mother)
Thank you John...Again, I want you to know how much you have meant to my family. You have made a big difference in Charles' life at a critical time. The work you do is very important and I will always be very grateful for your help.
(a father)
I can't believe she is finally going to be a senior! You helped her when non of the other tutors could. Have a great summer and I'll be in touch in August. Thanks again, Susan
(a mother)
John, your tutoring and coaching Guy was the reason he did not have to repeat his grade level. He actually got good grades this year! I knew he could do it with the right help. It was just so hard to find the right person. Fortunately, we found you.
(legal guardian)
Mr. Toker, You were able to teach me how to enjoy writing and to be invited to enroll in an advanced placement English class. I look forward to continuing with you.
(a student)

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